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Ebbsfleet Chrism Homily 2014

“Let us recognize our need of all the gifts of God that these holy oils signify.” 


Confirmation at St James the Great, Hanslope

Confirmation at St James the Great, Hanslope, Bucks, on Gaudete Sunday, 15 December 2013

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Bishop’s Representatives announced

To all clergy and laity looking to the See of Ebbsfleet


Dear Fathers, dear Brothers and Sisters: dear Friends


Very soon after coming into post last year, I realised that to promote our life together in the future, and to help us take our part in the life and structures of the Church of England, I needed to restructure the liaison capacity between myself and the thirteen dioceses related to the See of Ebbsfleet.  Therefore, in common with the Bishops of Richborough and Beverley (and the other bishops who minister to petitioning and other parishes), I have created a new role of Bishop’s Representative replacing the former regional deans of Forward in Faith.


After a period of consultation with clergy and laity across the area, including diocesan bishops, I have made the following appointments. 


Bath & Wells                       Fr Julian Laurence

Birmingham                      Fr Oliver Coss

Bristol                                   Fr Dexter Bracey

Coventry                             Fr Kit Dunkley

Derby                                    Bp Roger Jupp

Exeter                                   Fr Will Hazlewood and Fr Robin Eastoe

Gloucester                           The Bishop pro tem

Hereford                              The Bishop pro tem

Lichfield                               Fr Mark McIntyre and Fr Derek Lloyd

Oxford                                  Fr David Harris

Salisbury                             Fr Richard Harper

Truro                                    Fr Sam Philpott

Worcester                            Fr Mike Bartlett


The appointment is for three years, and is renewable thereafter. 


Each Representative’s preferred means of being contacted appears on the Society website:  http://www.sswsh.com/dioceses.php


The primary purpose is to enable me to have a local liaison point, a person who already ministers as a priest of the local diocesan family.  My hope is that having this kind of colleague will support—not in any way detract from—my relationship with the clergy and the parishes that identify with The Society, and give greater capacity to our life together in Christ.  The Representative will have my confidence, and is there as a support for you as well as for me.


Together the Representatives will constitute the Ebbsfleet Council of Priests, a body which meets three or four times a year to promote all aspects of the communion and mission of the See of Ebbsfleet.  The vice-chairman will remain Fr Ross Northing.


The role-specification of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Representative includes inter alia:


  • acting as the Bishop’s officer in the diocese
  • liaising with the diocesan bishop and the diocesan officials, and with clergy of The Society and the diocese as required
  • supporting and advising churchwardens and parishes in vacancy as required
  • representing the Bishop to others in the diocese, and them to him
  • relating to Parishes that have affiliated to The Society
  • identifying isolated members of the laity who do not belong to a parish affiliated to the Society, and determine with the Bishop how they can be ministered to
  • monitoring resolutions passed under the House of Bishops Declaration
  • liaising with the local branch of Forward in Faith members (and in particular with the clerical chairman of the Forward in Faith branch)


Please pray for them, encourage them, and use them.  And bring to their attention any matter that you believe to be important to help us thrive in the Church of England in the years to come.


+ Jonathan


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